Mission & Values

The Chesapeake Campus Student Center, through its services, programs, partnerships and dynamic facilities, provides a welcoming and inclusive sense of community for the campus.

The Student Center will contribute to and enhance the educational mission of the college by being a focal point that promotes life-long learning, cultural diversity, social interaction, recreation, wellness, and the free exchange of ideas.


The CSC has adopted a set of core values that are timeless and used as guiding principles.  They hold great intrinsic value and importance for the staff and those we serve, including students, faculty, staff and visitors. We like to use the acronym WILDJUICE, which stands for:

  • Well-being
  • Innovation
  • Learning
  • Diversity
  • Joy
  • Unconditional Human Worth
  • Integrity
  • Caring community
  • Engagement


The Chesapeake Student Center strives to provide intentional, outcomes based programs and activities that are designed to positively impact student success.  These programs and activities are based on six learning domains that were identified as desired outcomes for the Chesapeake Campus including:  Self-Discovery, Leadership Development, Wellness, Engagement, Life Skills Transitions and Social Integration.

Click here for the list of Learning Domains and Key Actions for Success:

Learning Domains

Click here for the TCC Student Handbook:

Student Handbook


Click here for the Social Change Model of Leadership Development



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