Gear Up To Lead

Gear Up To Lead 2017


GUTL is a Chesapeake Campus student leadership and development program that will enrich your awareness of self and others. This year-long program will connect you to a campus based family and friend network focused on your growth and success in college and beyond. This program develops you in the areas of individual strengths, team-building, self-evaluation and reflection, critical thinking, problem solving, service leadership, and community engagement. The various components of this program will result in powerful self-realization experiences that empower you and others. These experiences will require you to confront your views, perspectives, doubts, and aspirations by stepping outside of your comfort-zone. However, with the help of your peers, faculty and staff you will learn how to cope with everyday stresses and anxieties, find an understanding of who you are, and discover your strengths. We can’t wait to get started with you!

Requirements for this program:

•Maintain 2.5 GPA
•Challenge Course – July (2 days)
•Overnight Retreat – September (2 days)
•Day Retreat – January
•Monthly Service & Leadership – August, October, November, February, March, April
•Student Recognition & Awards Ceremony – May

Application Process:

Complete and submit online application. Applications can be found here. 

Once you have submitted your application, you may be selected for an interview. If so, we will contact you via the provided VCCS email with your interview date no later than Friday June 16, 2017. IMG_4068 Testimonials:
“Gear Up To Lead gave me a different and better outlook on life and my surroundings and interactions with others. GUTL allowed me to better understand others and what they’re going through. It is an extremely humbling experience.” – MarKaysha Bryant
“Thoughts of stress and anxiety crowded my mind alongside the question, what is the reason of my existence? The discovery of my passion and the path I need to follow in life was revealed after being a part of Gear Up To Lead.” – Patrick Cornejo
“GUTL was a life-changing experience that made me realize that I have a village of people at TCC to help me accomplish my goals. Through this program, I have acquired friendships that will last a life-time.” – Jeanine Ortiz
“GUTL helped me open my eyes to see who I really am and helped me better understand myself and others. It allowed me connect with people in a way I haven’t in years.” – Chris Vanderhorst
“GUTL has helped me to really pay attention and notice what other people are going through. It made me want to be there for my peers and realize my need to helps others.” – Jay Long